How to fix wdf_violation


You are more likely to notice this error during the start of a PC or when loading or running a program. At times, the error might happen after the installation of Windows XP Service Park (SP1) and you are trying to restart your PC.


There are several options that you can use to fix this error. Each method depends on the cause of the error. By using the windows stop code, you can be able to know the kind of error affecting your PC.


A display adapter drivers may conflict with Windows XP SP1 to cause this error. The following are the possible solutions.

  • You shall need to use the safe mode to start your Windows. This is done by restarting your computer followed by pressing F8. By using the arrow keys’, you select the safe mode’ on the Windows Advanced Options Menu’.
  • After selecting it, you proceed to press the enter’ key. You then go for the operating system by using the arrow keys. Thereafter, you click enter’ and you shall start your computer on a safe mode.
  • The next step is to choose the option to tart’, then click un’, and finally in the open box, type the word sinfo32’ followed by K’. Expand the components under the System Summary then choose the option to display’. This procedure enables you to see the information that corresponding to NF File’. Once you are done, you quit the utility.
  • Thereafter, you proceed to follow these steps, start menu, My Computer, and then the Properties option.
  • The next step is to click the hardware’ Tab followed by Device Manager’ tab. You then click the display Adapters ’ option followed by uninstall’ option and then click OK.
  • The next step is to click the tart’ menu, then un’. You then type the following commands and then press enter’ after each command.

COMMAND ONE; ren %systemroot%infINF file name from Step 5.inf*inf.old

COMMAND TWO; ren %systemroot%infINF file name from Step 5.pnf*.old

After inserting the commands, you proceed to close any open window and then reboot the system. Thereafter, your display adapters require a latest drivers to be downloaded and installed.


If the cause of this error is as a result of temporary issues such as overheating of PC components, this second method is used. This method requires you to cool the components of the computer by switching off your computer.


If the cause is due to due to malware, the best option is to download an appropriate antivirus. The antivirus shall scan the computer to detect and remove all the viruses that cause the error.


The following are steps to fix the wdf_violation error.

  • Get rid of the problematic software.
  • This is done by pressing the Windows’ key then ’. A search box open where you type the word control panel’ then press enter’.
  • Select the option for Uninstalling a program in the Control Panel.
  • You then proceed to check on the problematic software, then right-click and choose the option to Uninstall.
  • After this process is completed, you then Restart your computer.
  • Update your drivers.
  • To update your drivers, you press the Windows key which provides you with a search box. Then type Device Manager on the search box.
  • Expand the display adapters’ then you right-click on your GPU.
  • The expansion displays an Update drive which you select it.
  • The next step is to select the option for Search automatically for drivers.
  • Use the Check Disk command.
  • Press Windows.
  • Type command Prompt’ in the search box then un as administrator’.
  • Once the CMD launches, type hkdsk C:/f/r/x’ command then press enter’.
  • To check on the drive you wanted, replace X with the letter of the drive.
  • Allow the process to complete.
  • Perform a System Repair.
  • This process is done by inserting an installation DVD or USB to boot Windows 10 from it.
  • You then select language, Time and Currency format in the Windows Setup. Then click ext’.
  • Click repair your computer’ and choose the troubleshoot’ option.
  • Choose the advanced Option’.
  • Click startup Repair’.
  • Disable USB ports in BIOS.
  • You restart your computer.
  • Press the key prompting you to open BIOS/SETUP.
  • Go to advanced’ Tab, then miscellaneous Devices’.
  • Choose external USB Ports’.
  • Then save the changes before restarting your computer.
  • Uninstall the Bluetooth driver in Safe Mode.
  • You need to restart your computer a number of time during the booting process.
  • Click troubleshoot’ on the list that appears,
  • Choose the advanced options’, startup Settings’, then restart’.
  • After restarting your computer, press ’ or 4’ for the safe mode.
  • Press Windows’ key + ’ which opens in’ + X menu.
  • Choose the Device Manager’ from the dropdown list.
  • Locate your Bluetooth driver, then right-click, choose uninstall device’.
  • A warning is given to you that you are about to uninstall this device from your system. You proceed to click on the uninstall’ option.
  • Perform a System Restore.

This done by;

  • Pressing Windows’ key + ’ to open a search box.
  • Type the word system restore’. Then from the dropdown list choose create a restore point’.
  • Click system restore’ that appears in the system properties’ window.
  • Click ext’ when the system Restore’ windows open.
  • HOW TO FIX 0*0000007E ERROR CODE.

METHOD 1: Scan the computer with security program.

This method is basically used if the causative agent of the error is malware and computer viruses. You need to install an antivirus which scans your computer and eliminates the viruses. By doing so, the error might be fixed.

METHOD 2: Check the Hard Drive space.

lack of space in your hard drive might cause this error. To solve it, you simply need to check on the available space. If there is no space, you can proceed to remove some files to create more space. You can also uninstall programs that are no longer operational. To check on space, you open your computer, right-click the ’ drive, then choose the option for properties’ from the drop-down menu.

METHOD 3: Install available updates.

In some situations, this error might be due to outdated operating system or software. Updating them helps to fix the problem.

This process is done in windows 10 through the following method;

  • Click Start’.
  • Go to Settings’.
  • Choose Windows Update’.
  • Click heck for updates’.

METHOD 4: Update the Basic Input and Output System (BIOS).

An error that occurs due to outdated BIOS is shown on the startup system. This error is fixed by checking the version of your BOIS through the following procedures;

  • On the windows search box, type command or cmd’ to open command prompt’ window.
  • Type mic bios get smbiosbiosversion’ and click enter’.
  • The version of the BIOS appears on the windows.

The version should be the latest. If not, you should download and install he latest version to fix the problem.